A Clamshell Stocking

Oh my! I do love everything clamshell! 
A few years ago I made a clamshell stocking for my niece. And since we are having a Sew Along, I thought this would be a great time to post a little clammy tutorial. 
My clamshell stocking was made using the same needle-turn technique I used in the clamshell pouch!   
But for my clamshell stocking I used a 3.5 " clamshell template. 
You can use this Clamshell to make your own 3.5 inch template.
(you will need to be logged into google to open the template)
Just like in the clamshell pouch, you will need a foundation fabric with a 3.5" grid. I made my foundation panel larger than my stocking and rectangular in shape. But you may want to sketch an outline of your stocking on the foundation panel so you know exactly where to place clamshells. A couple of Instagram buddies prepared their foundation fabric this way and I thought it was brilliant! Thanks Eva and Becky!
    Glue baste your clamshells to the foundation and use needle-turn to stitch your clamshells down just like the clamshell pouch!
You can find a clamshell stocking tutorial I wrote several years ago here.
And the basic stocking instructions and template is here
If you are having trouble downloading the templates, it is my understanding you need to be logged in to Google as these are Google docs.
It's so exciting seeing all the amazing stockings! Remember to use the hashtag #sunnystockingsal