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Christmas Candy Cone Garland


Holiday making adds an extra spark to our special celebrations This year why not deck your halls by stitching up some cones with out of the ordinary Christmas colors and cheerful pom-poms? Christmas Cones are a fun addition to the holiday tree, window sill, or fireplace mantle. And this project is fast and easy enough to get the kids involved in all the Merry Making! Simply pop in a candy cane or small gift, and your season is bound to be merry and bright!  

Materials List:

Christmas Candy Cone Garland Template

1 piece of fabric for the exterior, 12" X 8"

1 piece of fabric for the lining, 12" X 8'

1 piece of thin cotton batting, 13" X 10"

 Thread (Sew All or Cotton)

Wool Roping or yarn to braid into roping, 40"

Yarn and pom-pom maker (for pom-poms)

Embroidery floss or perle cotton (to attach cones to wool roping)

Hand stitching needle

Embroidery needle

Straight pins

Cardboard or Quilters Template Plastic

Basting Spray (optional)



  1. Trace the cone template onto cardboard or quilters template plastic and cut.

     2. Fold the exterior fabric in half widthwise. The folded fabric will measure 6" X 8".

  1. Place the template on the fabric with the marked edge of the template on the fold.

         4. Cut one exterior using a rotary cutter or trace the template and cut with scissors.

    1. Repeat with the lining fabric.

         6.Spray baste or stitch baste the batting the wrong side of the exterior 

         7.Trim batting even with the exterior fabric.
         8.With the right sides of the exterior with batting and lining together, and using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, stitch along the top curved edge only.
       9.Trim the ends close to the stitch line and trim the seam allowance to reduce the bulk.
    10. Press the trimmed top curved seam toward the lining. Take care not to stretch the fabric, but try to keep the curve crisp.
          11. Open so the exterior and lining lay flat.. Fold the entire project lengthwise, so the exterior (with batting) is folded in half on itself with right sides facing, and the lining is also folded with right sides facing. The fold will fall along the center length of the cone.
         12. Pin, leaving a 2.5 inch opening in the lining. Mark the opening. This will be the hole for turning the cone right side out.
    13.Stitch along the length of the exterior and lining using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Don't forget to leave the marked section in the lining open for turning the cone right side out.
         14. Turn the cone right side out through the hole. Push out all the pints with a chopstick, stiletto or scissors point and stitch the hole closed.
    15. Press the mouth of the cone all around and smooth the lining.(picture 8)
    16. Add Pom-poms to the bottom point by stitching with a needle and thread through the center of the pom-pom and the bottom point of the cone.
       17. Attach the cones to the wool roping by stitching through the top of the cone with embroidery floss or perle cotton. Stitch through the cone top and the wool roping. Space the cones evenly along the roping.
    18. Add pom-poms in the space between the cones on the roping with needle and thread. For a more finished look, sandwich the roping between two pom-poms.
    1. Pop in a candy cane or small toy!        


    1. Use non-traditional fabrics and colors to add a bit of punch to your Christmas Cones. Try some neon pinks or oranges!
    2. Sew and string as many cones as you would like. Simply increase the length of the wool roping or yarn
    3. If you have difficulty finding roping, simply buy yarn and braid to make your own roping.
    4. Substitute twine or Ric-Rac for wool roping for a different look.
    5. Make individual cones to nestle in the Christmas tree or use as place markings at the Holiday table.

    **For personal use or gift giving. Please post your garland with the hashtag

    #candyconegarland #sunnydaysupply #makersmerrychristmas