Sunny Clamshell iPad Cover

Here are the instructions for a charming padded iPad cover! You will need to adjust the size of the cover depending on the size of your iPad. All seam allowances are 1/4".  

I have an older iPad which measures 6.5" wide by 9.5" in length.  


Fun scraps for will need about 49 clamshells. 

A piece of muslin foundation fabric cut to the measurement for your iPad. Mine was cut 9" X 11.25". 

Fabric for the back and the lining. Do not cut yet, we will measure the finished front panel before cutting.

Milliner needle for applique'

Quilters Template Plastic to make clamshell template

Disappearing marker or Frixion Pen for marking clamshells.


Make a plastic template of the 2.25" clamshell. CLAMSHELL

Using your disappearing marker, mark a 2.25" by 2.25" grid on the muslin piece of fabric. This grid will be used as a guide for your clamshells and as a foundation for the applique'. 

Cut the clamshells leaving a 1/4" seam allowance around the outside of the clamshell. Do not leave a seam allowance on the tip of the clamshell shape, instead cut the tip directly on the drawn line. 

Take your first clamshell and a fabric gluestick, dab the wrong side of the clamshell with a bit of glue for holding the clamshell in place.

Beginning at the top left hand side of the foundation piece, place the clamshell in the first square on the grid so the the sides rest between the vertical lines and the point touches the bottom (horizontal line). 


Using needle-turn applique', sew the clamshell in place. You will only need to applique' the top rounded part of the clamshell. Repeat this process with the second clamshell added to the next spot in the grid.


Applique the remaining rows to the foundation fabric, using the grid as a guide to keep your clamshells straight. Note that the clamshells in row #2 will be staggered and placed between the clamshells in the row above. To fill in the end clamshells, cut a clam in half along the length. 

On the final row of the grid, the tips of the clamshells will hang over the edge of the foundation fabric. You will trim that even with the foundation fabric. 

Trimming the patchwork panel. Turn the patchwork over the wrong side and trim the bottom row so that it is even with the foundation fabric. Turn back to the right side and trim 3/4" from the top row. 



By trimming off the top, you will hide the foundation fabric once the iPad cover is fully assembled.

Using Valdani perle cotton or your favorite "big stitch" thread, outline the clamshell curves with a running stitch.

Cut a piece of backing fabric and two lining pieces the same size as the finished front panel. 

Fuse a piece of fusible fleece to the front and back panels of the iPad cover. 

Fold a piece of ribbon or elastic cording in half, and place centrally along the top edge of the backing fabric (right side facing) so the loop is facing down into the center of the fabric. The loop will need to be large enough to fold over to the front and wrap around a button to secure.

Place a lining, right sides facing, with a front and back panel. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew across the top edge only. 

Open the front and back pieces, now attached to the lining. Place the front section on top of the back section, so that the right sides of the front and back are facing and the lining pieces are facing. Pin, making sure you match the top seams. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew around the entire piece leaving a 3 inch opening in the bottom of the lining for turning through. 


Turn the sleeve right side out through the opening in the bottom lining, gently pusing out the corners. Stitch the opening closed. Give the iPad sleeve a good press. Top stitch around the opening of the sleeve and add a button to the front for closing. How cute is your new iPad cover!!! 

   Please hashtag your iPad cover with #sunnydaysupplyco and #sunnyclamshellipadcover 


** For more information on stitching clamshells, you may be interested in reading Mary's Clamshells Blog Post.**