Norah Quilt Pinnie!!!

Hello friends! Today I want to share with you a fun little tutorial for a Norah Quilt pinnie! It's cute and it's fact it measures just 3.5" square finished. This tutorial uses Foundation Paper Piecing. If you don't know how to piece with foundation paper, simply search for video tutorials on YouTube. There are plenty! 

The unfinished size of the pinnie template is 4" and each "log" is 1/4". You will notice the last 1/4" on each side of the template is the seam allowance (you don't need to add anymore strips after the last four numbered strips on the template). If you want to change the size of the pincushion, just add 1/4" logs beginning at the top and wrapping around counter clockwise.


Scraps of 4 different colors. One color per side and various shades of each color.

A small red scrap for the center. Small dark colored scraps for the two sides of the offset center. 

4 - 1.5" X 4" strips for the sides of the pincushion. 

1 - 4" X 4" square for the bottom of the pincushion.

Filling for the pincushion. I like to use crushed walnut shells, but you can use pieces of batting or polyfil.

Print off the Norah Quilt Pincushion template HERE 

Begin by using the Foundation Paper Piece template to make the top of the pinnie. You may use paper specifically designed for FPP or regular printer paper. Remember the last log on each side will include the seam allowance to attach the top to the sides.

Take the 4 strips for the sides (1.5" X 4"). Sew the strips together on the short ends. You will be making a loop.


With right sides together, match the first side strip in the loop to a side of the pinnie. It's important to begin stitching a 1/4" forward of the beginning of the side strip and ending 1/4" before the end of the side strip. Back stitch at the beginning and ending of each section. You will stitch each side in the same manner. 

the photo above shows the stitching area - repeat for each side 

Check to be sure each corner is closed. Your top and side unit will look a bit like a box.  

Next take the 4" square bottom, and with right sides together, match the sides of the top unit to the bottom and stitch. Remember to beginning stitching a 1/4" forward of the beginning and end 1/4" before the end. Repeat for 3 sides. 

On the 4th. side, leave a 2"  opening for turning right side out. 

Turn the pincushion right side out and gently push out the corners. 

Fill the pincushion and hand stitch the opening closed. 

Enjoy your Norah Quilt Pincushion!!! Please share it on Instagram with the hashtag #norahquiltpinnie and #norahquiltsal. We can't wait to see your new Norah Quilt Pinnie!!!