Sugar Plum Quilt SAL - Week 3 - Sewing the Center Spiral

Yay! We are on week three and ready to do some stitching! This week we will stitch the center spiral. 

To stitch the segments. add one at a time. A colorful spiral segment to a neutral background segment. First clip the concave segment along the curve. I clip three places, in the middle and between the middle and the end of the shape. 

With the concave piece on top facing you, pin the colorful segment to the background segment. Begin at the ends, making sure you are matching and pinning both shapes on the stitching line. Then ease in the fullness and pin between. 

Beginning at the center point, stitch along the sew line. Be sure to secure the center with a good knot. Continue to stitch along the sew line and every couple of stitches peek at the backside to be sure you are sewing on the sew line of both pieces. And you may want to take a backstitch every inch or so. This is to secure your stitching. Secure the end with a knot and remember to stitch up to the seam allowance, but do not stitch into the seam allowance.     

I have a video of stitching on the sew line here. 

This is the way the backside of your center will look as you add segments


When you come to the last segment, close the circle by stitching the last and first piece! 

You can lightly finger press if you wish, but in hand piecing we won't iron press until the block is completely finished.

Please, be sure to use the hashtag #sugarplumquilt and #sugarplumquiltsal when you post your progress! I can't wait to see your spirals!