Sugar Plum Quilt Sew Along - Week 1 - Gathering Supplies

Hello! And welcome to the Sugar Plum Quilt sew along! I'm so glad you are here!

I have had fun hand piecing these blocks. And I have learned so much about hand piecing. There are many accomplished hand piecing quilters that I have been studying by reading books, watching YouTube videos, and Instagram videos. Hand piecing is the purest form of quilting and I'm so glad I allowed myself the opportunity to grow in this direction. I hope you find the same joy. 


February 10 - Week 1 - Gathering supplies.

February 17 - Week 2 - Cutting

February 24 - Week 3 - Spiral Center

March 2 - Week 4 - Outer Ring

March 9 - Week 5 - Background 

March 16 - Week 6 - Center circle & trimming



Today we will talk about the tools that will help with hand piecing.


Thread: It is most often recommended is to use 100% cotton thread and 50 weight is a good weight. However, I probably break every thread rule! I love to use the Fujix poly thread that we carry in the shop. Fujix is a good strong thread and does not tangle.  And....hold onto your pincushion, my next statement is shocking! I use white or off-white thread and rarely "match" my thread to my fabric. If I am piecing with a dark background, I will use a dark thread. Of course, for applique it is always recommended to match your thread to the applique. 


Needles: Choose a needle you feel comfortable to use in hand sewing. I often use a milliner needle in size 10. Recently, after reading Carolyn Forster's book, I tried using a sharps needle in size 10. I like it! I feel that perhaps I have a bit more control since the needle is slightly shorter. It's good to experiment!

Thimble: You may want to use a thimble, however, I prefer to hand sew without a thimble. 

Pins: Applique pins or shorter pins are a must! You will pin the fabrics on the stitching line as you sew.


Scissors: Good sharp scissors for accurate cutting.


Marking tool: I have used several different marking tools and my favorite has been the Sewline Pencil Trio. This pencil has a lead black, pink, or white option for marking. I have not tried to remove the markings, but the instructions state they can be removed with water or an eraser. If you mark just dark enough to see, it should be light enough not to be visible on the front of your project. Be careful if you use a marking tool that is removed with heat. Test removing the marks on your fabric. I used a very popular sewing marker on a beloved project, only to find it left ghost marks when I tried to remove the marks with the iron. So always test first!


Sandpaper Board: This is so helpful! A board covered with fine sandpaper to hold your fabric as you trace your pattern. I purchased a Jen Kingwell brand from Amazon, but you can easily make your own. 

Sugar Plum Pattern and Template Set: We have a few Sugar Plum Quilt patterns (Judy Newman) in the shop. The template set can be purchased from Paper Pieces.       

Miscellaneous: If you are making your own templates, you will need cardstock or cardboard. Another option for making your own template is to use Quilter's Template Plastic. 

You might want a seam roller to press seams. 

Okay! Gather your supplies and start pulling your fabrics, the Sugar Plum Quilt Sew Along is underway!