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Sunny Day tips for applying crochet bias tape binding

Our new crochet bias tape is just the most adorable addition for any project! We have 18 choices of scrumptious tapes to add charm to your next quilt or garment.


In this post I will walk you through the process of adding the tape to a quilt as a binding. Most of you can probably add binding in your sleep! The crochet edge tape is added exactly the same way as any bias or straight of grain binding.

To begin, trim your completed quilt so the backing and batting are even with the quilt top.


Unfold the beginning of bias tape to expose the raw edge.


Place the raw edge along the raw edge of the quilt top. I usually choose a spot about in the center of one side. It’s best not to start in a corner with your bias tape.

Mark with a pin a starting point about 1.5 inches or so from the beginning of the tape. You will begin stitching at that point. **Note: if you are adding to a larger project or a bulky project (a pouch with fusible fleece) it might be easier to leave more than 1.5 inches free at the beginning. Leave several inches to make it easier to wrangle your project when finishing the application. ** 


Using a quarter inch seam allowance, begin stitching about 1.5 inches or so from the beginning of the tape. Keep stitching from the starting point with the bias tape unfolded and continue until you reach a 1/4 inch from the first corner.


At the corners, take your quilt out of the machine and fold the tape up…


And back down so the fold of the tape is even with the top of the quilt and the raw edge is even with the raw edge of the next side. Continue making corners this way until you have finished the 4th. and final corner!


 Once you have finished the final corner, stop stitching several inches before you reach the beginning point of the tape. You can finish the binding in your usual manner. I found a simple way to finish and reduce the bulk when joining the ends. You might want to try it!

Take your quilt out of the machine and smooth the tape flat along the unstitched final section of the quilt. Lay the end section of tape on top of the beginning section and find the spot where you began stitching. Trim the end even with the point where you began stitching at the beginning. Do not trim at the beginning of the tape, rather where you began stitching (1.5 inches or more down from the beginning of the tape)


Pull the two ends of the bias tape (the beginning and the ending) up and unfold them completely with right sides together. Run your fingers down the length of these unstitched sections until you reach the quilt top. This is where the two sections of tape join to lay flat against the quilt top. Make a crease, mark with a pencil, or mark with a pin the spot where the two sections will meet on the quilt top. This is your stitching line. Making sure the two sections of tape are unfolded, stitch from one edge of the tapes to the other. **I gently pushed the crochet edge toward the quilt. **



Before you trim away the excess tape, check to make sure they will lay nicely on top of the quilt. Trim leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance. And then continue stitching the tape to the quilt top.


Wrap the tape over to the back and hand stitch the binding in place.

That’s it!!! So easy and such a sweet look for any quilt, small project or as a precious detail for a garment!