Sunny Stocking Sew Along

It seems like the big Holidays come earlier and earlier each year. Am I right?! I am certain the mall had Christmas decorations up even before Halloween.
But as quilters, we are very familiar with sewing ahead of the season. One of my favorite classes to teach every year was a stocking class. Stockings are just fun!!!
So when a few of my friends suggested I host a Stocking Sew Along, I thought that was a great idea. Its the next best thing to teaching class!
So let's get started!
On our Sunny Day Supply blog you will find instructions for my diamond stocking. In this post, you will also find the template for my stocking. Its a simple hand drawn stocking and will print out on 4 sheets of paper. You simply need to print it at 100%, match the lines of the stocking and tape together. You might want to trace another copy on tissue paper or perhaps freezer paper, so you have a clean copy (not taped together). 
To find my blog post, go to 
Click on the blog and scroll down to find the Sunny Stocking instructions.
The great thing about a sew along is sharing ideas and encouraging each other throughout the journey. I have been brainstorming stocking ideas and I can't wait to share with you some of my favorite stockings! But I want to hear your ideas too. Let's use the hashtag #sunnystockingsal to stay connected and inspire!!!
In the next couple of days, I will share with you different methods for putting my diamond stocking together. But you are not limited to making a diamond stocking! How about a clamshell stocking? Or a dresden stocking?
I am getting in the stocking spirit! How about you? 
But, wait!!! I have a few friends who will be sharing ideas and techniques!!! Yayyy!!!
Clare @selfsewn , Kjerste @rosebudandpenny and, my daughter, @moll_moore will be among the fabulously talented makers who will inspire us along the way!!!
As you plan your stocking, you may want to decide if your stocking will be scrappy or if you will be using a single line of fabric? Do you want to make a pieced stocking that will be cut from a panel that you sew together (like the diamond stocking or the clamshell stocking) or will your stocking be a single fabric with applique added (like the dresden stocking)? The style of stocking depends on your time constraints....of course, a pieced stocking will take a bit more time. Also, don't feel you need to be limited to one stocking! You might want to make a few!!!
Will your stocking be for the mantel? If you make it one sided (pieced on the front only) think about which way you want the toe to point. Or maybe you plan to use your stocking on your front door this Christmas instead of a wreath! Fill your stocking with greenery and add a big bow for the front door! It's so fun! Or fill your stocking with homemade candy or cookies to gift to friends! Who wouldn't love receiving a stocking filled with goodies!!!
I will be back in a day or two to get you started on the diamond stocking and a few methods for putting this together. That will give everyone time to pull out some fabrics and copy the stocking template. 
If you have questions, you may DM me on Instagram or ask a question on a stocking post. I will try to answer as quickly as possible! And don't forget to use the hashtag #sunnystockingsal 
It's the most wonderful time of the year!