Tackling Those Pesky Diamonds

Here are a few tips in case you need help getting your diamonds to meet properly!

First you will need to copy the diamond template! You can grab a copy of the template Here. Transfer your template to freezer paper or quilters template plastic to cut your diamonds from fabric. If you have a directional print and need to cut so the sides of your diamond is running along the bias, just be careful not to stretch your fabric while sewing - and use pins! If you are English Paper Piecing the diamonds, stretching will not be a problem since your paper acts as a stabilizer while you stitch diamonds together. 

Once you have the diamonds cut, take the time to mark the wrong side with a 1/4" seam allowance. Place your acrylic ruler along the edge and using a fabric marking pen, mark a 1/4 inch seam allowance on each side. If you are using a Frixion pen to mark, make sure you don't press with an iron until your entire panel is complete. The heat will remove your marks. 


When you sew your diamonds together, place a pin in the top points where the diamonds meet. Be sure your pin is piercing the top point on both diamonds and is perpendicular to the fabric. 


Stitch the row of diamonds together. Repeat the same lining up and pinning process when you are ready to sew the rows of diamonds together to make the diamond panel!

That's it! This should help if you are having trouble getting your diamonds to line up nicely. Don't forget to hashtag your progress pictures and stockings with